Riviera Yachts- 445 SUV with IPS

Riviera Yachts- 445 SUV

More than 30 years of dedication by Riviera has producd, not just some great boats, but some great kinds of boats, each designed to satisfy particular pursuits by Riviera’s family of owners.

Each of these styles has evolved to become a comprehensive fleet of its own, with wide choices of hull size. The first, and certainly the most prolific of these, has been the iconic Riviera Flybridge.

It’s a style of boat that’s descended from game fishing’s romantic era of Zane Grey, Hemingway and Lois L’Amour, to evolve into high-performance leisure craft for effortless blue water cruising, entertaining family and friends in fine style – or even doing a spot of serious fishing.

For those with even more leisurely boating inclinations, we created yet another successful series in our line of Sport Yachts.

These are craft built around the whole concept of a seamless living space that runs from protected forward helm, all the way aft to transom and swim platform, on one big, simplified level. Providing in addition, integrated outdoor seating and dining, transom tender garage, even built-in barbeque center.

In complete contrast, Riviera developed a range of boats that are almost completely dedicated to fish chasing, the range of battlewagons that comprise our Offshore Express series, with wide-open control centers.

Against this formidalbe bloodline, we now present another totally different craft again: the new Riviera SUV – a true bridge between all of them.

Length Overall (inc. swim platform & bow roller)
47′ – 5″ Feet
44′ – 8″ Feet
Beam (inc. gunwale)
15′ – 0″ Feet
Maximum Draft (inc. props)
(approx. depends on engines & options)
3′ – 11″ Feet
Dry Weight** (approx., depends on engines & options)
30,300 lbs
Fuel Capacity***
476 gallons
Water Capacity***
122 gallons
Holding Tank Capacity***
40 gallons
Sleeping Capacity
5 – 7 persons
Standard Engine Volvo IPS x 2
435 hp each
*Length of the hull (Lh): Includes all structural and integral parts (ie. the moulded length of the hull). It excludes parts that can be removed in a non-destructive manner without affecting the stuctural integrity of the craft, eg. pulpits, outdrives, driving platforms, rubbing strakes.
**Dry weight represents the estimated minimum weight of a boat with standard engines and options, no fuel or water on board, no equipment or provisions and no personnel. The stated dry weight may be exceeded.
***Denotes net tank capacity. For useable capacity do not rely on more than 90% of tank capacity. Actual capacity will vary according to boat trim and sea state.
*Subject to change at anytime without notice
Important Feedback Riviera goes to great lengths to constantly talk with owner around the world (over 50 percent of Rivier’s boats ship offshore) about the way they use their vessels – or might like to. In seems to be, in recent times, a sizable group of owners who really warm to such a crossover craft and this has inevitable led Riviera to create what is probably a world first, with the SUV series.
Impeccable Pedigree The new 445 SUV is in all respects a true embodiment of Riviera heritage. All the famliliar – and reassuring – aspects of classic Riviera boatbuilding are there: the purposeful lines, teh hefty scantlings, the solid feel in a seaway, the spatial sense, the layout, the sumptuous decor. As well as a full no-nonsense Flybridge-scale cockpit. The SUV’s confident offshore poise comes, to a large degree, from Riviera’s leading-edge CAD technology and legendary build quality that combine superstrong hand layups with solid GRP bottom and structural core material on the hull flanks, main deck nad hardtop, as well as precisely fitted lightweight resin transfer moldings, pre-fitted for a perfect seal when all major components are bonded together.

A great deal of our acument regarding hull shape has contributed to, for example, aft chine strakes that have a straight run, to enhance both speed and maneuverablitity, as well as moderate Vee shep going forward, to a precise 14.5 degree deadrise at the transom to say beautifully composed in a choppy quarter sea without diminishing top end performance.

The IPS pod-drive propulsion is the must have standard propulsion for the new SUV. The system’s twin engines and forward facing, counter-rotating props not only offers surging performance, but precise micromanagement of handling in confined spaeces. A skipper – either solo or with a new novice crew – can, just using a joystick, direct the twin pot units so as to place the boat easily and exactly where it’s wanted. There seem to be only upsides and upsides to the Volvo system; in efficiency, top speed, acceleration, economy, maneuverability and reduced noice. But one of the biggest advantages is that the bulk of engineering mechinery can be positioned full aft, rather than mid-ships, as shaft drives dictate.

Like Having Two Boats Like Rivier’s Sport Yachts and the new Flybridge models, the SUV embraces a single, much larger flexible saloon seating design that multifunctions for dining, cocktail, coffee, reading, lounging even extra sleeping. Up ahead of that is teh protected command center, comfortably sheltered within this main deckhouse saloon. It’s like having a very spacious enclosed flybridge on the main deck level. And back aft, a new galley design sits center-stage begtween saloon and cockpit, in quite conversational proximity to the aft-facing mezzanine lounge, just outside. But that’s really like any tranditional Flybridge, the only fixed amenities (apart from copious side lockers and sink/fridge), in the entire large cockpit area. Stowable tables and chairs can be brought out when neded.
More Room and More Style Super efficient use of space is fully capitalized upon below decks, indebted to CAD and the IPS propulsion configuration. This opens the way for guest accommodations to dominate amidship and extend beam to beam, offering up to three additional berths. Yet leaving plenty of spare volumne for large, concealed cupboard space. The opulent Master Stateroom forward allows for a large queen size island bed with large drawers under and flanked by full-length wardrobe hanging space. In between the two large staterooms there is plenty of room for two generous and beautifully appointed bathrooms: a guest / day head aft to starboard and an ensuite for the master forward to port. In this area, the 445 SUV ushers in another advancement: international yacht interior designer Georgia Dirudi has created an entirely fresh design scheme for internal spaces. It introduces a whole a new-look palette of calming but warm colors.
Watch This Space – And Its Variations Riviera typically develops a new boat like the SUV with the vision of creating a comprehensive, fully-suspended series. The 445 model is really an ideal mid-sized example, either side of which Riviera will go ahead adn develop both larger and smaller variations, as determined, as usual, by the enthusiastic feedback from Riviera’s family of owners.



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